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Evgenia Popova

Evgenia Popova

We are extremely excited and proud to have worked with fashion designer Evgenia Popova, and to have participated in the creation of the perfect website to represent her work. This project was collaboration between us and Art Direction and Design by Claudia Doms Enterprises, which created the design. We worked on the technical development of the website, and its functionality. The client's focus is on simplicity, elegance and craftsmanship, therefore the team from Claudia Doms created a bold, innovative website which is both eye-catching and echoes Evgenia’s own work. They have built a minimalistic home page, drawing attention to the amazing contemporary background, with links to four pages creating a clean and accessible interface. The font used for the rest of the web pages is even more striking: a simple black on white, with each page containing links to all the other content at the bottom, and drop-down menus for added simplicity and ease of access.

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