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PM Cleaning

PM Cleaning

We are delighted to just have finished the website for another cleaning company, London-based PM Cleaning services. We went for a vibrant, colourful, family-oriented website, designed to give a lot of information quickly and simply. We created a large banner featuring the company’s logo and contact information, where we placed the site's main menu, with all the content areas in one convenient place.
The website has a simple but effective colour scheme of grey, green and blue, related to the company’s business. It has a bright, classy visual of a clean and beautiful property acting as the background, creating a feeling of cleanness and freshness; an incorporated link allows customers to obtain a quote quickly and easily by filling their cleaning requirements.
The technique of using bright, inviting aesthetics helps to reinforce good, solid content is a theme of this particular website: the company offers a range of cleaning services, and we highlighted three of their main services with pictures and links to further information about each service. We always take great pleasure and pride in our work, and are happy to receive positive feedbacks on how we have helped companies to expand, grow and consolidate their customers' base.

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