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Domai name services in London

Domain Names

Once you have your website ready, you'll need a hosting server for it to appear on Internet, but also a Domain Name so visitors can find your website. We offer exclusive packages including Hosting and Domain Name registration at very competitive prices.

A domain name, also known as a "web address" is what you type in your browser window to open a website.

A domain name must be unique to ensure potential visitors will open the site they are looking for, and in the same time as relevant to the content of the website as possible; for example: is for a site that offers web design and services relevant to web design. The domain name should also be perhaps the shortest you could find; may be good for what you want to be found for, but is too long and most people will not remember it.

The suffix of a domain name: .com, .org,, shows the purpose of the website:

  • .com-commercial
  • .org-organization
  • .info-information
  • Kingdom
  • .net-network