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How do I Set up my Outlook Express?1. Start the program.
2. Choose Tools / E-mail Account from Drop Down menu…

How do I Set up my Outlook Express?

1. Start the program.
2. Choose Tools / E-mail Account from Drop Down menu on the top.
3. Choose Add a new e-mail account (Next).
4. Choose POP3 or IMAP (Next).

a) POP3 - This protocol download all e-mails on your Hard Drive (Delete the e-mails from the server)
b) IMAP - This protocol copy all e-mails from the servers (do not delete the e-mails from the Server)

5. Fill in the following fields:

a) Your name: e.g. John Smith or company name NM Web Design
b) E-mail address: (you have to type your e-mail address)
c) User name: your username
d) Password: your password (You can choose Remember password so you don't have to type it in every time)
e) Incoming mail server: e.g.
f) Outgoing mail server SMTP: e.g.
g) Click More Settings button underneath. You will see a window pop-up. Choose Outgoing Server from the Tabs on the top and Click My server (SMTP) requires authentication. Do not write anything. Click OK
h) Click Next.

6. Click Finish.
7. The program will ask you to download Folder list from the server, click Yes.
8. The account is now set up.
9. You will see the name of this e-mail on the left side, click it to check your Inbox.