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Our Services

Our Services

NM Web Design offers you the complete package for your business needs. Rather than spending time going with one company for a great logo design and another for your CMS, here at NM Web Design we have experts in all the services you need. With our skills, creative talents and excellent customer service, you will never need to find another company to enhance and drive your business forward.

Logo & Corporate Identity

The need for a strong corporate identity has always been important. However in the highly competitive world of business, it has never been as important as right now. Getting the perfect logo to reflect your business and its essence is not easy but at NM Web Design our talented team can produce exactly what you need to build your corporate branding to take your company to the top
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Web Design Services

Having a strong brand needs a strong website to support it and promote your business message further. Having a poorly designed website is a common mistake businesses make who think their products and services will speak volumes. They will, but a badly worded website with dull imagery, broken links, incorrect fonts and a confusing site map will turn away potential customers quickly. NM Web Design can create a website that not only functions effectively, but conveys the message that your business is the only business to deal with.
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Content Management Systems

Getting data may seem easy, but knowing what data to capture, where to get it from, how to store it and how to use it can be made more effective with a content management system. NM Web Design has ‘off the shelf’ solutions or custom built systems that will allow you to use existing data more effectively and ensure you capture and utilise future data to push your business forward.
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SEO Services

Providing excellent customer service and a high quality product or service will ensure you retain your customers. However getting new customers is more difficult. It doesn’t have to be about placing costly adverts in directories – getting a decent search engine ranking will generate many new customers to your website. NM Web Design has expert knowledge of how search engines rank websites and can ensure your website is optimised to achieve a great position.
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Domain Names

Getting the right domain name can be a complicated process. Words that are hard to spell will lose you potential customers as will words that sounds like others or have 2 or more meanings. Constantly having to spell out your web address will guarantee problems for your business. NM Web Design can help you find a suitable domain name that reflects your business and your services whilst remaining user friendly.
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Hosting Services

Getting the right branding and website are important, but you need to ensure you have a constant and reliable online presence. Spending time and money directing new business to your website will be ineffective if your website is constantly offline with problems.  NM Web Design can host your website with a commitment to providing 99.9% uptime. You can rest assured that your business is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be working for you even as you sleep.
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Website Support

So you have the brand, the domain name, the website and the hosting. What happens if something technical goes wrong? Even the most technically minded business owners will be time poor and unable to react to problems as they occur. So call NM Web Design and our expert technical team can correct your problems. With pay as you go packages or various fixed contracts, you can be confident you are getting a fantastic cost effective package to deal with all your technical headaches.
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