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Your computer's IP address is:
Copy to clipboardPlease note: Sometimes this IP address might be on your router or proxy server and your real IP address could be different.

What is my IP Address

You should know that What is my IP Address as is a great tool for your business. It is a web page that will detect your computer’s Internet Protocol address – otherwise known as an IP address. It will then show you what this is – the IP address may look like a series of random numbers but it is a unique string of numbers that make up your computer’s identity. Every computer has a different series of numbers. Every IP address will have the same format like “”. When your computer communicates with another computer, information must be converted into an IP address to enable both computers to link.

Knowing your IP Address could prove important if you ever need to report a problem or issue with your computer or internet connection – you may be asked to provide details of your IP address in order for the technical helpline to be able to solve your problems. If you are setting up new software or configuring a computer you could also need to know what your IP address is.

Your computer will automatically receive an IP address from the network you use – the internet service provider uses a technology such as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or PPP (Point to Point Protocol). Unless your Internet Service Provider gives you a static IP address that remains the same every time, you may have a different IP address every time you connect to your internet. Although a changing IP address can be a safeguard against hackers, if you have IP recognition software, you may need to locate your new IP address every time you connect to the internet. In these circumstances, knowing about What is my IP Address will enable you to find this information quickly each time.

The only problem about What is my IP Address is that it can find firewalls a difficulty. When it finds the current IP address, it may be the firewall address. This is because the firewall is hiding your actual IP address for safety issues. The same can apply if your computer has a proxy server, web cache or transparent web cache. This is to protect your information from hackers so the downside is it also protects this information from you too!

With internet security worries at an all time high, most people have some form of security on their computer. Just bear in mind that any IP address you need to find may not be 100% accurate if you have a firewall for example.